Fabian Fernandez-Han, innovating at an early age

By: Kaitlyn Bolton

Fabian Fernandez-Han, 12, designed award-winning iPhone investing app for kids

Like a game of chess, Fabian Fernandez-Han puts his skills to the test. The 12-year-old, home-schooled inventor from Conroe, Texas awoke earlier than normal to converse with a small group of NYU students about his past and present goals. We quickly learned that this boy was no ordinary 12-year-old.

Although it appears Fabian’s dad, Peter is the motivation to his son’s success; it was clearly evident that Fabian loves every aspect of it.  This boy is a happy, energetic go-getter who as his father stated, “from a young age knew what he wanted”. It was this attitude that enabled Fabian to prosper with such a unique Apple iPhone/ iTouch application.  The goal of the “Oink-a-Saurus” application is to introduce a younger generation to how to invest and save.  The main two features include, the general state of the economy using simple examples such as a house built by playing cards collapsing as well as featuring one new company each week that explores a product that is stable in our present economy.  Along with the two main features, there is also a bar code aspect where you can punch in a product you just bought to find out the stock information if you were to invest in it.  With such an intricate application it is easy to see why The NYSE Financial Future challenge picked Fabian as their winner.

Investment wise, Fabian has money in Apple, Google, and RIM.  He says that he invests using “The Three P’s” motto.  The three P’s stand for People, Planet, and Profit.   To be so socially conscious so young is something Fabian prides himself in which, most likely is the reason why he plans to be a social venture capitalist.  This type of job would entail investing in companies that are socially responsible, something every 12-year-old boy dreams of.


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