People. Planet. PROFIT

by Kurt Yalcin

Like most fathers, Peter Han works for his sons. Unlike most sons, Fabian Fernandez-Han has invented a new Apple app.

Since Fabian won the NYSE Financial Future Challenge with his “Oink-a-Saurus” app, the Han family is now fully dedicated to invention, social responsibility, and finance. Often times staying up till 2 a.m. to work on projects, the family is gearing up to release the financial application targeted to teens as well as many other socially responsible and lucrative endeavors.

“It’s part of growing up,” Peter Han explains.

Ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange may not be part of the typical twelve year-old aging process, but for Fabian and Peter, learning to be socially responsible is as important to them as anything else.

That is why the family hopes to install financial values to the younger generation with the newly invented application.

The “Oink-a-Saurus” puts the stock market directly in the hands of young teens. It attempts to make financial news easier to access and understand. By simply typing the UPC code of a product, any “Oink-a-Saurus” user is able to receive stock information on the company.

Fabian’s interests expand beyond the profit margin, caring about a company “if they do good for the world.”

And while Peter Han may think he quit his job to be his sons “personal chauffer and bag handler”, he is actually helping all young people take one step closer to the stock market.


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