Have you purchased your engagement ring yet?

By Kaitlyn Bolton

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Pinny Gniwisch ordained rabbi and co-founder of ww.ice.com stationed in Montreal, Canada is racking in the dough.   The online jewelry-distributing site founded in 1999 now contains and sells over 12,000 different jewelry items.  Although women’s engagement rings may be the most popular item come Valentine’s Day, heart shaped jewelry, lockets, and tennis bracelets are also on the top of the list.

Being a rabbi and transitioning into the jewelry market was an easy change for Gniwisch.  Gniwisch says that “being a rabbi where you study transparency and honesty of what you teach and how you act plays a big part in how we built our business” which, coincides with the overstock free items and the conflict free diamonds.  Gniwisch has also used creative methods of advertisement.  With offices both in China and Thailand, one may think there isn’t a need for worldwide advertising however, Gniwisch stays innovative by sticking to cheap and easy social media.  A few examples of the sources that Pinny uses are The Sparkling Start Blog, Pinnysworld videos on YouTube, and a Facebook fan page.   The most current social media is Facebook’s Valentine’s Day sweepstakes.  Contestants must write a romantic story about themselves to which their friends will then vote on to determine a winner of a diamond, gold pendant.

Valentine’s Day may be just another day for the jewelry entrepreneur and his wife however, for the common folk buying jewelry for a loved one is on top of the “to do” list.


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