Online Artwork Helps Feed Kids

My Bread Art Project

By Lauren Panariello

Not to knock soup kitchens or canned food drives, but wouldn’t it be more fun to arts-and-crafts our way to a well-fed America? Non-profit organizations Grain Foods Foundation and Share Our Strength have teamed up with The Food Network’s Melissa d’Arabian to fight child hunger one piece of virtual bread art at a time.

The bread art project, ongoing until June 30th, is a way to raise awareness and money to fight child hunger in the U.S.  Just visit the project’s website and greet your very own slice of toast-covered canvas. Select your preferred grains, from whole wheat to country white, and decorate your breakfast staple with a number of virtual toasting techniques.  Stamp the crunchy looking surface with flowers, checkered templates, or airbrush patterns that leave their own creative burnt marks on your slice of bread. Upload pictures, or sketch your own. Either way, the Grain Foods Foundation will donate one dollar to Share Our Strength, providing children with healthy meals or even backpacks full of nutritious foods.

Hurting for inspiration? Check out the gallery on the project’s site. It’s saturated with detailed bread-embossed images of artist’s faces, inspirational sayings, and cartoon cats.

Or submit your original slice of art and venture over to the educational part of the website to learn that “food insecurity exists in 37.2% of households headed by a single mom,” or “on an average day, 31 million American schoolchildren eat a federally funded school lunch.”

“Our children deserve healthy meals, and I applaud the Grain Foods Foundation for its efforts to provide access to those in need,” said d’Arabian in a public statement, Host of The Food Network’s Ten Dollar Dinners, and mother of four. Already doing her part to make eating well affordable, d’Arabian’s show provides recipes for families of four that only cost ten dollars to whip up. And there’s not a single episode that doesn’t have grains on the menu.

“They are affordable and versatile items,” said Judi Adams, president of the Grain Foods Foundation of bread and grains. “[They] provide many essential nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy.”


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