Solar Studies


By Kaitlyn Bolton

With the help of leading supplier, Constellation Energy many college students have the opportunity to view renewable power systems on campus.

Recently finished 1.2-megawatt solar and wind power system at the University of Toledo, Ohio will benefit the environment while being a hands-on experience for attending students.  “Renewables have a twofold importance for colleges and universities that are looking to improve their sustainability and expose students to careers in alternative energy”, said in news release by source Mark Huston, managing director of Constellation Energy.

This model is both attractive, affordable, and is a great learning opportunity.

Though fascinating, Toledo University’s power system is just one of Constellation Energy’s many renewable features underway.  Maryland’s Mount St. Marys University plans to finish their eco-friendly system by December 2012. This system will include the strongest 17.1-megawatt system and will be the largest energy structure built thus far. Constellation Energy hopes to attract positive feedback from students and faculty.

Students hold the keys that open the doors to the future. In hope for a greener tomorrow, colleges in the U.S. are quickly adopting varied eco-friendly mechanisms.

“Awareness on this subject matter is a huge topic, and there is definitely a more informed populous, we will see a dramatic impact if people are smart enough to follow through” said Bob Moran from Department of Government Relations at The American Association of State Colleges and Universities.


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