Completion of the High Line Finally In Sight

by Grace Whitney

The completion of the High Line has been a long and tireless process for the last ten years of its creation. In December crews finished the landscaping of the High Line’s lawn to be located in the second section of the park, scheduled to open in spring of 2011.

The High Line, a public park along Manhattan’s Chelsea and Meatpacking District running from Gansevoort Street to West 34th Street, was previously open to the public only through West 21st Street since June 2009. The open part of the park has created a huge positive feedback and the creation of a large network of Friends of the High Line, a large volunteer program and even a $1M contribution from Google.

Now, almost two years after the original opening of the High Line park, for the crews of the High Line, the end seems to be in sight. The completion of the Lawn in the park West 23rd Street brings the construction of the High Line that much closer to its conclusion.

Friends of the High Line, a group of volunteers, supporters and donating members, celebrated this step with a post on the park’s website on December 9 showing various stages of construction of the new section and a final image of the Lawn, 4,900 square feet of green sod, a vision of the beautiful and idyllic beautification of the previously-run down parts of the city that the High Line has come to embody. Here, with its opportunities for “picnicking, sunbathing and people-watching,” what once was a rather undesirable part of the city is quickly becoming a place of art, culture and recreation.


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