Compostable Coloring – A Way of the Future (Revised)

By Courtney Marmon

The toys are back in town. This February, New York City is hosting the 108th American International Toy Show.

Making its debut on the toy market is the environmentally sustainable company, pureARTH. The company uses renewable sugarcane and bamboo to create three-dimensional coloring crafts for children. PureARTH’s products are “made from 100% natural food grade fiber,” according to their website.

PureARTH, an environmental materials company, is taking its first stab at creating toys that are both kid and environmentally friendly. At the International Toy Show, pureARTH will unveil its first pureARTH Kids collection, featuring biodegradable, three-dimensional coloring palettes. Their website shows that all of the new toys in the collection have “passed international safety and hygienic standards” making the coloring palettes safe for children’s use.

The company prides itself for its consciousness of using sustainable methods during manufacturing. Using hydropower as its sole power generator, the factory creating these compostable coloring palates is doing working without expulsing fossil fuels into the air.

According to the company’s website, the coloring palettes are just as durable as non-compostable competitors’ products. “Typically, a degradation process requires three elements – moisture, heat and bacteria, to start. If the product is stored in a dry place, the shelf life can be as long any non-environmentally friendly products.”

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