Danny Bonaduce: A Man of Character

By: McKenzie Beehler

Bonaduce refuses to release his firm grip on fame. Although he achieved icon-status with his portrayal as Danny Partridge on The Partridge Family, he strives to keep his voice heard. “I worry about my vocation because it puts food on the table,” Bonaduce said.

Luckily, Bonaduce found an outlet where he can express himself. Bonaduce said he did not find radio, but “radio found me.” When the press discovered that Bonaduce was homeless and had been living out of his car for two years, radio stations around the country offered to pay him to share the story on-air.

Currently, he is still a radio personality today. Bonaduce works many angles to stay in the limelight. In the past, the ex-child star has swum with sharks and jumped out of planes. Even on an episode of Breaking Bonaduce, he takes a lethal dose of vicodin. In actuality, he just swallowed a bunch of tic-tacs. “I was an executive producer, so the reality you see is the reality that I give you. Some of the things were fictional by design,” Bonaduce said. “I am not nearly that destroyed.”

Whether these stunts are all in the name of fame is hard to decipher. “I’m a performer first and foremost,” Bonaduce said. “I would do ‘fill in the blank’ for a million dollars.” And now, “Lindsey Lohan is stealing my act.”

His biggest performances happen on Eagle 106, a Philadelphia radio station. Radio provides an “almost total freedom…a certain pride where there is nothing I can’t discuss.”

While speaking about his radio show, a different, more serious Bonaduce emerges. “When the little red light goes off—that’s when I’m responsible.”

Bonaduce’s segments vary from hard-hitting news to the weird quirks of his radio staff. “If you can’t report on it, I immediately start screaming about the first amendment.”

It’s clear the “shock factor” is something Bonaduce has mastered. He has many one-liners in his back pocket. It’s just hard to tell if what he says is genuine. But, perhaps this is part of Bonaduce’s appeal. He is a character playing his role—one that an audience can rely on. His childlike views make him approachable. His eccentricities make him laughable.

“I don’t do a lot of grownup things,” Bonaduce said. For all I know, “electricity gets to my house by magic.”


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