A Performer, First and Foremost

by: Grace Handy

Danny Bonaduce is in a good place. He has a successful radio show, a loving wife named Amy who happens to also be his manager, and nice homes in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Bonaduce, whose star was born as the loveable, redheaded Danny Partridge on 70’s television sitcom “The Partridge Family,” has led quite the adventurous life. Although many members of the current tuned-in, digital generation identify Bonaduce from negatively-toned clips on Extra! or Perezhilton.com, Bonaduce consciously admits, “My reputation precedes me.”

As someone who had his fair share of rock bottoms in his days of heavy drug and alcohol use, including a bout with homelessness which at one point landed him sleeping in a parking lot across from the Kodak Theatre, Bonaduce maintains a positive outlook on life. He views these hard times as means of personal development, and admits, “The stories help to employ me.” Indeed, these rough experiences from the not-too-distant past provide him with material for his current “vocation,” as he calls it, radio.

Bonaduce has been at the helm of a popular talk radio show in Philadelphia, aptly titled “The Danny Bonaduce Show,” for several years, and has been passionately involved with radio for decades. A naturally garrulous and opinionated individual, talk radio is Bonaduce’s ideal outlet. It allows him the freedom to discuss essentially whatever he wants, often straying from his talking points, without much censorship from provider 94 WYSP. Ironically, with years of show business experience under his belt, the self-proclaimed “performer, first and foremost” admits he still feels nervous before and during his radio show every day. “When the little red light goes off, that’s what scares me.” This ongoing fear keeps Bonaduce on his feet and keeps the adrenaline going. He enjoys the platform his radio show provides, which enables him a sense of purpose. He genuinely affirms, “There’s honor in having work.”

Bonaduce looks back on his beginnings in show business with ambiguous feelings. Although “The Partridge Family” did open doors to other opportunities, he asserts that child actors live in a “precarious situation.” Often too young to realize the thick skin needed for the fleeting, superficial nature of fame, the pressure to stay relevant often hits soon after the child’s claim-to-fame role, which occurred with Bonaduce. In his naïve younger days, “there was no fear of being Danny Partridge.”

Now, with a popular radio show and solid private life, Bonaduce is on a positive roll. As his own personal “Danny Bonaduce Show” progresses, a clearer-headed Bonaduce almost mockingly admits, “I’ve lived a very full life.” He sure has.

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