Danny Bonaduce- All Grown Up.

By Hana Kwon

It is no doubt that Danny Bonaduce’s life has been an ongoing rollercoaster. From being a famous child actor, to a homeless celebrity, and gaining a reputation as the Hollywood “bad boy”, it was inevitable that he gained undivided attention from the tabloid. The rollercoaster came to an end when he recently married, and finally settled in with his career as a radio host.

Bonaduce entered Hollywood when he began to play the role of Danny Partridge in the television series “The Partridge Family.” He also played minor roles and made guest appearances on TV shows such as Sabrina the Teenager Witch and the Drew Carry Show. However, though most famously known for his role in “The Partridge Family”, Bonaduce never considered himself an actor. After the fourth season ended, Bonaduce continued his career in Hollywood with his reality show “Breaking Bonaduce,” were he was no longer flattering viewers with his base guitar charms, but with drugs and alcohol. The infamous show portrayed Bonaduce as Hollywood’s bad boy, and when reality began to become distorted, the show had to come to an end. Bonaduce was left with no money and soon was living in the outdoors of California.

It was an unusual situation for the homeless star, as living out his car in the streets of Los Angeles fascinated people and the tabloid. Bonaduce himself was surprised by such coincidence as he stated while laughing, “I started getting money for having no money.” His fame as homeless celebrity soon became the opening gate to his new passion in life- radio. Radio found him and there never had been a time when he was unemployed since.
More than twenty years have passed since his first radio show on Philadelphia’s Eagle 106 in 1988. Besides the money, Bonaduce emphasized the complete freedom that a radio hosts could enjoy. He does not prepare a script for his radio show, which taught him to think much faster. “We mold what to talk about regarding the audience” he says, “We wait for material to find us.” He described the spontaneous scripting as a “pleasure and pain kind of thing,” since you never know what may occur in the next 20 hours before the show.

Danny Bonaduce, now 48, is happily married to his wife Amy Railsback, who has helped shape him into the man he is today. He stated that he couldn’t do “grown up” things because of how he was raised. But he accepts his childish past, as he believes, “colorful things will follow forever. But you don’t have a choice.”


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