Danny Bonaduce: Fame to Humble Beginnings

By Jenny Seo

“Lindsay Lohan is stealing my act.”

Danny Bonaduce is a man of many humorous words. Dante Daniel Bonaduce, better known as Danny Bonaduce, is best known for his character as the wise-cracking Danny Partridge on the hit show The Partridge Family. “Acting was not like acting” says Bonaduce on his role as Danny Partridge. This deemed successful, as The Partridge Family television show garnered successful ratings and acclaimed achievement in the 1970s.

Bonaduce grew up as a child actor in Hollywood for the majority of his childhood. Regardless of his own childhood stardom, Bonaduce underlined the mistake in judgment in raising children in Hollywood. “It’s a dangerous thing to have stars in your eyes” said Bonaduce, regarding child celebrities. On the question of his own brood entering fame, Bonaduce remarked, “I would encourage and not encourage it.”

After The Partridge Family’s end, Bonaduce had difficulty finding work on television and turned to drugs and other trouble in his adolescent years. Eventually, homelessness spiraled towards his direction.

Surprisingly homelessness actually became his cure. Living in his car in California, Bonaduce began receiving invites from radio stations across the country to speak about his life. “I started getting money for talking about having no money.” Bonaduce’s vibrant personality and sense of humor awarded him with a new career in radio. After attempts at reality television, Bonaduce resumed his job in radio. In 2002, Bonaduce released an autobiography, Random Acts of Business. It was a New York Times bestseller.

Despite his early fame and adolescent demise, Bonaduce lives his life humbly and boldly as an adult. Bonaduce is the definition of a survivor, springing back after each disappointment. “I live my life the way I want. I impress noone.”

Bonaduce currently resides in Philadelphia and hosts the “Danny Bonaduce Show” on the 94 WYSP radio station.


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