Starbucks on the Next Level

By Hana Kwon

Starbucks executives are giving a twisted turn on the future of Starbucks- at night.

Starbucks will be starting to serve regional wine and beer, locally made cheese, along with a barista bar for customers to be “closer” to the coffee.

Voted as the number one best coffee in the Fast Food and Quick Refreshment categories and the Number one most Quick Refreshment Chain in Zagat’s 2010 Survey of National Chain Restaurants, Starbucks has more to offer than just simply a place for coffee during the day.

Starbucks is constructing an evening business, creating a place that looks less like the usual Starbucks that can be found in every couple of blocks in New York, but more like an old-fashioned cafe. However, interior design is not completely customized, as the “new” Starbucks will still carry on the “green” design and decoration. The company’s goal is to create a coffee shop with a friendly environment that could blend in with the neighborhood. However, as successful as it is during the day, the executives are aiming for customers to feel the want to visit Starbucks during the night.

In contrast to the original design, the new Starbucks will have dimmed lights, with a low-key atmosphere. The Starbucks banner will be nowhere to be seen. Instead the store will simply be named after their street location, with a minor “Inspired by Starbucks” on their door. Alterations are estimated to cost up to $25,000. While some believe that the advanced Starbucks will enhance the brand’s status worldwide, others are quite dubious about the change as they say, “Starbucks is too familiar to be hip.”

The first “new” Starbucks will be rebuilt on Olive way in Seattle. While the success of this striking new move is yet to be observed, the Starbucks near you may welcome you to a new nighttime experience.

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