Who Is Danny Bonaduce?

By: Vitjitua Ndjiharine

Most Americans are familiar with the character Danny Partridge from the 70’s television show “The Partridge Family.” A show about a family in show business. Danny Partridge, a quick-witted ten year old boy, was Danny Bonaduce’s break into the acting world. Since that show’s cancellation in 1974, Bonaduce has embarked on several television and reality shows as well as radio.

Bonaduce comments: “acting is not a respectable career.” As a father of two kids, ten and sixteen, he would prefer If his kids did something else or if they had something to fall back on. As an actor and performer familiar with the in ins and outs of Hollywood he feels,“show business is difficult if you’re not cut out for it.”
As a former child actor, Bonaduce fell prey to drug addiction and homelessness. His “Partridge Family” salary was only $400 per week after taxes. After the show’s cancellation Bonaduce had no way of supporting himself. However, when asked about this, he says his life story has been the reason for his current occupation in radio. His ability to talk about his life and the easiness with which he has done it has earned him a career in radio. Which has been a source of income but also a medium for freedom. Radio allows him “almost total freedom. He says, “there’s nothing I can’t disscuss.”

His larger than life personality and his unconventional behavior have been the subject of the VH1 reality show “Breaking Bondaduce.” Bonaduce claims “some of the things were fictional by design.” He did some acting on the show to increase viewership and by doing so he says, “I’ve don’t some damage to my reputation on the show.”

So who is the real Danny Bonaduce? Is it the crazy personality we see on reality TV shows and read about in gossips columns and tabloids? The actor, who is happily married with kids, says he “is mellowing down with age.” He has separates who he is at home and who he is supposed to be in front of the camera. Remarks such as “Lindsay Lohan is stealing my act,” indicate his awareness of what the American public want to him to be.


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