Big Dig Draft 1 — Preliminary Interviews About Salvia

Myles Tanzer- Big Dig Draft #1

Salvia Divinorum is a hallucinogenic herb mostly imported from South America and Mexico. Although it’s in the mint family of plants, it’s generally regarded as having a bad taste when smoked. It is usually, and best, smoked through a bong, and when done right the user experiences about 15 minutes of hallucinations, laughter, and a feeling of getting “pulled.” Scientists have yet to find any long term or short term major negative effects of Salvia but it is starting to get banned state by state. So far about 10 states have banned Salvia, including Florida, Ohio, and Virginia. A gram of 20x Salvia extract is goes for about $40 and can be found at pretty much all smoke shops nowadays.

Interview #1
So my friends and I we smoked pot before we did it and it’s supposed to enhance the hallucinations. My friend carved a hole in a toy block to smoke out of. We were in my basement and I had to blow the smoke out the window. They said, ‘you won’t be able to do that after you take the hit.’ I took the hit and you hold it in for a long time — I held it in for at least 30 seconds. Then right after I’m starting to feel it while I’m holding it in and I start to blow out the window and I just remember — i did it, i closed the window. Then I fell to the ground, I lost control over my body. From then on, I don’t really remember what happened but I was having this seizure on the ground like shaking. When I came out of it, I could remember where I went and I know that it was a different world. If felt like I was in a different place, a different reality. For the next half hour, I was back in my basement but I was still stoned and I was coming out of this other reality and I was just so convinced that I was in the wrong place. Even though I can’t remember where I was now, I could remember where I went then. I was so convinced that the place I traveled to was the right place to be in and the one I was in now was wrong. Even though I was in my basement and the people around me felt strange. I just sat there for a half an hour.

My other friends that did it had a great time. They saw penguins and Mario Kart and shit like that. I was just trying to remember any memories that had happened to me in my basement just to realize that I had a history in that room — that this was the right place.

I eventually came out of it but I became afraid to smoke weed because I would go in that same state of mind. I would sink into that way of sinking. When I talk about it now, I talk about it superficially because I can actually go back into that state of mind and I feel like I’m losing myself. It’s really scary. I don’t even have to be high to do it. One time I was in my car thinking about it and I had to pull over the car because I lost control of the car.

One time that summer, I was at a concert and I had smoked and I made my friend sit with me outside. I needed to just let it pass.

I have one friend who had a similar experience, he was on a beach in Florida and he said that he had this whole family. He was the father and he was married. And although the trip only lasted for five minutes, it felt like a lifetime. When he came back from it, he was just super depressed that it wasn’t real. He had the emotional to this five-minute-salivia-family. After he came back from it, he said that he could relate to me in a sense. Coming back to this and feeling that reality wasn’t real because the other side felt so real.

I don’t know what it’s like to have schizophrenia but maybe I’m at risk through this drug or something. That’s what I imagine schizophrenia feels like. I almost feel like I could lose myself — I’m just too scared to do it again.

Other people do it and they have fantastic experiences from it so I don’t want to take away that feeling from other people. I definitely tell people straight up that I don’t suggest it from my personal experiences.

Interview #2
I’ve done salvia more than 5 times but less than 7.

The first time was really awesome because I just laughed like crazy so I kept doing it. But recently the things I’ve seen are a lot more real — a lot more scary. Originally I just saw different worlds, stuff that couldn’t actually happen but recently I thought I was a little kid but in the same place. I thought my mom had left me in New York as a little kid but in the same situation I’m in now. And I was really sad that my mom let me.

I think it’s a good idea to keep it legal because it’s just making it illegal to make something illegal — we don’t really need that. I’m not going to say it hasn’t hurt anyone but it doesn’t last long enough for you to do anything stupid on it.

If it was illegal no one would make it so it would disappear. I think the main reason people do it is because it’s so easy to get their hands on. It’s more of a novelty thing for people to say they’ve done it. I don’t think it’s about the experience for a lot of people.


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