How Much Would The Pyramids Cost To Be Built Today?

By Myles Tanzer

The story behind the holiday of Passover tells the story of the Jewish people breaking free from Egyptian slavery. Researchers from Egypt reported recently that it was really a large workforce that built the and not all of the Jewish slaves. So now that we know the building of the pyramids wasn’t so bad after all, we should totally build another one! That got us thinking, how much would it cost and how long would it take for the pyramids to be built today?

Andrew Bates, an engineering Professor at NYU Poly, was quick to kill our excitement though. He says, “It is estimated that the Great Pyramid took about 10 years to complete, more than 2.3 million stones, between 15,000 & 50,000 men. If I were to extrapolate these figures into today’s economic, political and social environment, the pyramid would never get built—at any price.”

Bates cited the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository as an example of an challenging project that’s being taken on today. The waste site that was planned in 1987 and that was supposed to open in 1998 is still being debated today. Environmental activists hate the idea of dumping nuclear waste in the uninhabited deserts and President Obama has attempted to cut all funding to the unfinished project.

We think that trying to build a new pyramid would be an exciting challenge to take on for any builder. Although the obstacles in the path are plentiful, the fiscal rewards would be worth it in the end. The tourism industry of Egypt reported a revenue stream of over

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