Pyramid Building This Passover?


For years people have been admiring the majestic beauty of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The monument, built in memory of King Khufu, was only completed after more than 20 years of labor in 2560BC. For the following 4000 years, the pyramid was regarded as the world’s tallest structure and is certainly still considered as one of the sturdiest today. While many have had the opportunity to enjoy this ancient wonder up close and personal, recent political unrest around the neighborhood have left many of us to appreciate from afar. With Passover just on the horizon, maybe God will grant us a wish that is more than just the liberation of Israelites from Egypt: What if God suddenly liberates the laziness in us and bestow on us the power to rebuild a pyramid today? How much would it cost and how long would it take?

According to Don Flick, Vice President of PYRAMID Architecture/Engineering & Construction Administration, Inc., this reconstruction can easily cost 100 million dollars for at least four to five years. “And that’s without the planning process,” adds Flick, “You need an even bigger company [than our own]. You need those construction groups who are used to building dams.” In addition to stone cutters and hundreds of workers, Flick believes a strong group of planners is needed to design the pyramid from inside out for several additional years prior to construction.

Ray Clancy, former Senior Editor of Property Wire, offers a more precise answer on “Each casing stone weighed in the region of 15 tons, was over 100 inches thick. So all the limestone in total weighs about 46 million tons. So about:
100,000 workers at 35 hour week x 52 weeks x 20 years = 3,640,000,000 working hours. And at today’s minimum wage of £4.77 ($7.76) for 18 to 21 years olds (although the workers would have actually worked for 20 years) that equates to a labour cost of some £17,362,800,000 (roughly 28.2 billion) before even taking into consideration the design and others who worked on the project.”

While we may never be able to determine an exact amount and time, all we know is that seeing this preliminary budget itself is already one of the greatest “wonders” of our wallets of all time.


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