Positive Communal Space in Tompkins Square Park

By Courtney Marmon

Thumbs up for the ping-pong table that Good calls "cleaver urban design."

Alan Good is all about experiencing a moment. Formerly a classically trained dancer, the current President of Henge, an architectural company that makes outdoor sculptural tables, Good preaches the virtues of stepping away from technology and participating human interaction. According to Good, playing table tennis is one way to get people away from their screens. He said about a ping pong table, “It’s art! But, I wanted to focus on the social aspect.”

Good designed the new permanent table tennis table in Tompkins Square Park. “It’s all about how people pause and get value about interacting with each other,” Good said about the table’s location in the center of the park.

After the table’s March 25 installation, Good has seen a supportive and welcoming response for it from the community. “Think of [the table] not so much as a cool object to play table tennis on, but more like a bar. It’s a place for people to hang out.”


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