Easy Reading, New Patent for an E-Reader

By Courtney Marmon

Attention Bookworms, hours and hours of reading without a booklight have never been easier on the eyes.

The United States Patent Office recently released a patent for a new type of electronic reader featuring backlighting that allows for easier long-term reading. The new invention, which is currently nameless, is similar to the popular Amazon Kindle, except the newly patented e-reader is not a tablet, but instead features two screens that are hinged together, much like a book. The backlighting comes from the top and sides of the screens, which allows for easier long-term reading.

The spine is used not only as a physical design feature, but also houses the lightsource for the backlighting of the screens. By placing the light on the sides of the screens, the new e-reader has a more evenly distributed backlighting.

The screens use both white and colored LED lights. Meaning that picture books or magazines can be read in color while using the new e-reader. The device also gives readers the option to select certain lighting for the electronic pages based on the content of the text that they are reading. For example, if they’re reading a romance novel, the reader can select a reddish hue for the backlighting of the page. Changing a background color can also be used as a method of annotation for the active reader – simulating the experience of a highlighter on paper.

The “clamshell configuration” of the new e-reader is a unique design. This allows the device to feel more like a book in the reader’s hands. Inside the clamshell are two “pages” where the screens are placed. They can be “turned” to simulate the actions of reading a paper book. There is also an external screen on the front side of the clamshell. “Preferably the two pages form front and back covers of the electronic reader,” according to the patent.

There are many arguments both for an against going paperless, but this new e-reader seems to combine the best aspects of reading a paperback book, with the technology of an electronic reading device. No more booklights burning out and highlighter-stained hands after annotating your favorite book, at least not with the newly patented e-reader.



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