Sleeping Beauty

by Kareem Rashed

There’s no telling what any of us do in our sleep. For anyone who’s ever had a sleep-talking roommate, you are aware of just how funky things can get once someone hits their REM cycle. Most people toss and turn during the night, but have you ever considered the repercussions of burrowing your face in your pillow? A new invention claims that resting one’s face on a traditional pillow leads to compression of the skin, which can lead to untimely wrinkles. So before you drop $150 on an anti-wrinkle facial or a bottle of La Mer moisturizing cream, you may want to consider the role your pillow plays in your beauty regimen.

It’s not such a far-off claim, considering just how much time, effort and money people put into protecting their skin from everything from UV rays to crow’s feet. If one simple investment in a pillow might preserve one’s youthful skin, why not try it out? Daniela Georgescu from Boca Raton, Florida patented her facial beauty pillow in November 2005 in an effort to “avoid premature wrinkles, particularly as a result of unnecessary facial distortion.” Her patent asserts that “there remains a definite and urgent need for a pillow that is structured to comfortably support the head and neck without contacting the user’s face so that the user’s facial skin remains relaxed and in it’s natural state.”

The architecture of the beauty pillow is not too complex; it is essentially a small, x-shaped pillow that cradles the head and neck in the center of the “x”. The beauty pillow can be attached to a conventional pillow and adjusted to the user’s comfort. You can even fold the pillow in half to prop yourself up while reading or watching TV in bed; truly a beauty treatment for the couch potato in us all. The idea is that once your head is lodged in the center of the beauty pillows cross, you can sleep soundly knowing you won’t be moving your face into potentially wrinkle-inducing positions.

While not necessarily for the claustrophobic out there, the beauty pillow presents an easy, affordable alternative to other beauty products on the market. While the long-term effects of sleeping with a beauty pillow remain to be seen, it certainly won’t hurt. Now, if only there were an invention to keep us from squinting.


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