A Safer Way to Dye your Hiar

By: Hana Kwon

Black, brown, blonde or maybe even green, dying your hair is always a great way to create a fresh new look for the spring. However, if you are keen on dying your hair at home, it is advised that you read the ingredients on the box before plastering your hair with chemicals that will damage your hair.

Hair dyeing has become one of the fastest growing segments of the personal care market. Most popular among teenagers aged 16-20, recent studies showed that 42 percent of American women and 25 percent of American men color their hair.

But hair dying is not as glamorous to the hair than it is to your appearance. It may cause multiple damages to your hair such as brittleness, drying, allergic reactions and staining. A new and improved hair dye formula, which is free from oleic acid is said to protect consumers from these damages. Jack Siracusa, from Ronkonkoma New York, patented this hair dye in January 2009, which has a base formula “with a water content of no less than 90 percent as compared to prior art brands of 30 percent.”

His patent demonstrates the benefits of the new formula, which greatly reduces the possibility of brittle hair and drying by the elimination of ammonia and monoethanomine and the reduction of the concentration of dyes from 10 percent to 3 percent. The new formula also requires only 10 to 15 minutes of application compared to the previous 30 minutes, which greatly reduces the possibility for allergic reaction, staining, and damages.

While keeping your hair chemical free is the best way to maintain your healthy locks, if you still chose to dye your hair the oleic acid free hair dye is a more safe and healthy choice to keep your hair looking vibrant and alive, which gives you a better excuse to go green.


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