A ‘Smart’ Coat Hanger

By: Vitjitua Ndjiharine

The digital age has shown us some amazing inventions. Everything is smart nowadays; computers are smarter than they were back in the day. Most of us traded in our stupid phones for smart ones. And soon we may even have smart hangers. Yes, clothing hangers that are actually smart.

“Clothes routinely become exposed to a wide range of smells, for example from tobacco smoke, food, pets and body odor.”

Giuseppe Di Bono and Giorgio Franzolin, two inventors from Mira, Italy, may have invented a new way to keep your clothes fresh without washing them on a regular basis. This would be done using a clothing hanger that can dispense a fragranced conditioning agent.

The idea is to keep clothes smelling fresh and clean while they are hanging in the closet. After wearing something once, and possibly, having been exposed to different smells, a conditioning clothing hanger is an alternative to constant washing, which can sometimes wear clothes out (no pun intended), or damage them.

Like regular clothing hangers, this hanger would have two arms and a hook. It would be made from wood, plastic or metal just like most hangers are.  There are possible variations of the hanger, for example, it could have a bar attached to the arms so that trousers can be hung on it, or it could have formations to accommodate clothes with straps or loops.

The arms of the hanger would be tubular or hollow to create a passageway for the conditioning agent. Small holes, on the surface, will allow the conditioning agent to reach the clothes that are on the hanger. The source of the conditioning agent will be underneath the hanger’s apex (where to two arms are attached).

The Patent for this invention, which was filled in February 2007, describes the source of the conditioning agent: simply put it is somewhat similar to the scented oil plugins that most of us are used to, and like these scented oil plugins, the hanger would have a removable cartridge that can be refilled. However, it would be battery operated instead of needing a power source.

The conditioning agent ranges from fabric deodorant/freshener to sanitizer or even something that can remove wrinkles from your clothes. Ideally it would be something that is in liquid form, that can easily be vaporized, and most importantly, smells nice.


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