Summer, Summer, Summertime

By Alexa DePalma

With warm weather fast approaching, fun in the sun is sure to be on the mind of many. Unfortunately with sun, come red faces, unpleasant sunburn and dangers of UV exposure.  But, thanks to Jack Polonka and John Brian Bartolone, women no longer have to struggle with deciding between sunscreen or covering up blemishes. Now they can get their UV protection not just from Banana Boat but from their everyday foundation.

In June 2008, just in time for summer, Jack Polonka from Peekskill, NY and John Brian Bartolone from Bridgeport, CT, created a mixture that enables sunscreen to be combined with soft focus cosmetic products. Soft focus is an effect the enables the product to cover up imperfections of the skin such as wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and uneven skin tones. The dilemma with soft focus was that it was not able to be combined with organic sunscreens. The solution to this problem required “an oil continuous phase emulsion known as a water-in-oil emulsion, especially achievable with an emulsifying silicone surfactant.”  Bartolone and Polonka invented a way to create a continuous water and oil mixture, seal the mixture, and then add the organic sunscreen elements.

This composition not only becomes useful for cover up cosmetics but also cosmetics that include tanning elements, as well as antifungal elements. This invention can be included in a variety of types of cosmetics. It is able to be mixed in “lotions, milks, mousses, serums, sprays, aerosols, foams, sticks, pencils, gels, creams and ointments.” Pretty much any cosmetic product a girl could want can help complete her look and contain high SPF elements.

So next time you’re strutting down the boardwalk sun tanned, fresh faced, and UV protected, everyone will be saying maybe she’s born with it, and you’ll be able to thank your Maybelline.

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