Ping-Pong in Tompkins Square Park

By Jenny Seo

An outdoor ping-table was recently installed in Tompkins Square Park bringing East Village residents and local passerby together. “Put an object in a certain place, and back away. Then people start interacting,” says Alan Good, the founder and president of Henge Inc., a maker of concrete and outdoor ping pong tables.

Alan Good, the man leading the ping-pong installation, hopes that people will not steal but rather leave the paddles underneath the table for people to play with.

Stop and play, or watch and enjoy the action. The tables not only act as a sporting ground, but also represent art and most importantly, bring people together, which is Good’s ultimate motive from installing the table.

“People pause, slow down, and start listening,” says Good. “It’s not so much that it’s a genius object, but it’s about how people pause and get value out of interacting with each other.”


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