Friendly Atmosphere at Friend of a Farmer

By Courtney Marmon

While living in New York City people can sometimes find themselves longing for a country-style atmosphere and a home-cooked meal. If this is the case for you, run, don’t walk to Friend of a Farmer. This is not your typical chic-Manhattan café; when you walk through the door into the restaurant, you are instantly transported into an atmosphere that feels like Grandma’s house. Friend of a Farmer is located on Irving Place between 19th and 20th streets.

Gramercy Omelette and Home Fries

Upon arrival, you are welcomed into what looks like a kitschy Midwestern kitchen; the walls are clad with pots and pans, and ferns dangle from the ceiling. After a walk up creaky steps into a dining room, the deliciousness begins.

For breakfast, Friend of a Farmer offers a wide selection of eggs, omelettes, and even three types of pancakes. While the prices run a bit steep for breakfast (the cheapest omelette I saw was $11.95) the price reflects the quality of the food. I ordered the Gramercy Omelette – filled with cheddar cheese, broccoli and onions – which was delicious! Served in a skillet, the dish was savory and cooked to perfection. The eggs were light and fluffy, and the proportion of broccoli to onions to cheese was just right; neither of the fillings seemed to overpower the others. The side dish was a great complement to the Gramercy Omelette. At first they did forget to bring out the home fries to accompany the eggs, but after a quick mention of it to the server, the salty and seasoned fries were brought to the table. And a smile was brought to my face.

The service was great. For a larger group of 15+ in the party, the servers kept their composure and everyone’s meals came out in a very reasonable amount of time. The wait time was about 20-25 minutes for our food; however we were hungry by the time our breakfasts got to the table.

Just like Mom's kitchen

The only down side to having a large group at Friend of a Farmer is their lack of ability to split the check. After some quick calculator math, everything was sorted out, but the initial “oh no, how do we figure this out” was a tad bit stressful.

Overall, the ambiance of the restaurant really does give off the feeling of being at home, right down to the wooden chairs and squeaky wood paneled floors. I would definitely recommend the restaurant for special occasions, but as an everyday restaurant, Friend of a Farmer is just too pricey.


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