Ping-Pong Table Brings People Together

By Laura Ramírez

Attention Lower East Siders! A new, fun and free attraction has arrived to Tompkins Square Park. Alan Good, a retired dancer and founder of Henge Inc., donated one of his company’s concrete table tennis platforms for all to play.

“The spirit of the table is about how people get value out of interacting with each other”, Good explains. “I see it not so much as a cool object you can play table tennis on, but like a pub or bar, where you can hang out”, he adds.

Henge encourages local corporations to donate the tables to parks. According to Good, bringing people and the community together is the company’s most important mission. So far, this table seems to be doing just that with people gathering and playing, even under the rain.

So if you want to spend a fun afternoon, meeting new people and playing ping-pong, all you got to do is come to the park, look underneath the table for some paddles and balls, and let the game begin.


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  1. Hey guys! How did you put a caption underneath the picture? Not sure how to do that.

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