Comfort Food Galore: Friend of a Farmer Breakfast Review

By: McKenzie Beehler

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A countryside juxtaposition to the city-slicker feel of New York, Friend of a Farmer (77 Irving Place) feels as if one is eating inside a Grandma’s house. The two-story restaurant exudes a warm and intimate atmosphere.

The walls are covered with woven baskets, pots, and flowers. From the wooden tables to the flowered wallpaper, one feels right at home. The owners wanted the restaurant to pay homage to their time spent in a small farming town in upstate New York.

The quality of the food is high, due to the restaurant’s commitment to buy local. But, don’t expect to find any fusion dishes here. Friend of a farmer is all about comfort food. The smoked salmon scrambled eggs (13.95) are no exception to this rule. The sautéed tomato,  salmon, scallions, & cream cheese eggs are served right from the frying pan.

The eggs are cooked well, and the smoked salmon is not too salty. The table salt comes in a petit mason jar and patrons can grab a pinch to sprinkle onto their order. But, there was no pepper to be found. Customers also receive the option of choosing a fruit plate or home fries for their side. The fruit plate included fresh strawberries, grapes, melon, and pineapple.

The price points for Friend of a Farmer are typical to New York brunch hot spots. Most pancake and omelet options will cost around $13.

The servers are friendly and relaxed, despite the number of people inside the restaurant. There are plenty of patrons conducting business breakfasts in the morning, but the server still makes time to check up on any additional request.

The one critique is that service can become pretty slow. This could have been due to the fact that a reservation included a party of over 12 people. So, from start to finish it took an hour and thirty minutes. But, if one is looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, Friend of a Farmer is the place to go.


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