Take a quick trip home with “Friends of a Farmer”

Eggs Benedict from Friends of A Farmer


There are some who say New York is a stone cold city, where the people are mean and the atmosphere is impersonal. If you ever feel that way, take a stroll up to Friend of a Farmer on 19th Street and Irving Place because grandma’s kitchen just arrived in your backyard.

Shortly upon arriving on a quiet Wednesday morning, our group of 15 was greeted by smiling waiters. As we made our way past some morning diners on the first floor and up the rickety stairs to the dining room on the second story, the dangling pots and pans and rooster picture frames quickly reminded us of home.

The restaurant offers a variety of breakfast items, with something for everyone. For those who wish to have a lighter portion, there are bagels and fruit baskets. For those wishing for a fuller meal, there are pancakes and omelets. After perusing through the rich selection several times, I finally decided on a classic eggs benedict. At $13.95, it was one of the cheaper options on the slightly pricey menu, but definitely worth the cost.

Though it took a while to arrive, about 25 minutes, when it did come the food was warm and delicious. While the muffin was a little too crunchy for my taste, the eggs were fluffy and the ham was grilled to perfect tenderness. The hollandaise sauce was thick and tasty. It was perfect. Every egg dish, served in a heavy skillet, also comes with either toast, fruit or homefries on the side. While I found the homefries too greasy, the toast was perfectly crunchy and the fruit basket was delightfully fresh.

As the sun gleamed through the big windows under the dangling flower pots, Jason Mraz music played on. I was enjoying a delicious meal with welcoming servers and dear friends— everything was perfect.

In a city of constant hustling and bustling, it is nice to have a place like Friends of A Farmer to wind down and relax. The quality cooking, the antique decorations, the waiters’ smiling faces, all make you feel more than just any customer in any restaurant— It’s a cozy home.


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