Country Delight at Friend of a Farmer

By Jenny Seo

With woven baskets strewn around, flowered wallpaper, and farm-esque ornaments adorning every crevice and nook, Friend of a Farmer brings a piece of the unexpected countryside and rustic wood floors to the middle of New York City. I walked in the door away immediately to find myself back in a farmhouse dining room.

The "Gramercy Omelette" which consists of broccoli, cheddar cheese, and sauteed onion. ($12) Served with toast and home fries.

Located on the intersection of charming Irving Place and 19th, right by bustling Union Square, Friend of a Farmer is always busting with customers. I have walked by on several occasions always noticing the big crowd on weekends, but never getting myself to stop and wait for a table.

Perhaps weekend brunch is its most popular time because although I arrived with a big party of fifteen that early Wednesday morning, the waiters smiled and quickly sat our large group minutes afterward. The seemingly small restaurant expanded greatly as we graced our way up the vintage wooden staircase to the second story to see more tables and homey country décor lining the walls and interior.

The menu provides an extensive variation of breakfast delights, whether one’s in the mood for something light such as granola and fruit or in the mood for a hearty breakfast course consisting of home fries and omelettes. After much contemplation between the pancakes and an omelette, I chose the “Gramercy Omelette” which consists of broccoli, cheddar cheese, and sautéed onion. Alongside the omelette, I had the option of choosing between toast, bowl of fruit, and home fries as a side serving. The food came out hot and on a very cute griddle accompanied by ketchup, salt, and jam in petite jars.

At $12 without tax and tip, the Gramercy Omelette proved to be a decent meal, not exactly the cheapest breakfast, but definitely a hearty start to my day when taking into consideration the great service provided at the restaurant. My water cup was always refilled with water to the brim, so brownie points for that. While the restaurant and décor captured the heart of my interest, I’m not so sure the food matched my expectations. The omelette was good but nothing out of the ordinary to say the least and for its price, I expected just a little more. It just seemed like something I could put together hastily on any given morning. No real blended flavors or distinguished taste.

To be frank, I’m not sure if I will be returning as I was not necessarily blown away by the food but for those who haven’t gone, the decor and atmosphere is definitely worth getting a glimpse of in addition to having a bite too.


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