Friend of A Farmer is A Friend of Mine

Alexa DePalma

Belgian Waffles topped with fresh banana and strawberries

Nestled in on 77 Irving Place, Friend of a Farmer offers an escape from fast paced eating and brings you to the comforts of country town dining. When I went in for a lovely brunch, Friend of A Farmer was not only serving good eating but an at home feeling.

As I first walked in, I could not help but notice the basketfuls of fresh fruit and vegetables next to the entrance and lining the staircase. Although Friend of a Farmer deems reservations unnecessary, they were able to accommodate our large party by seating us in the upstairs section.

Once upstairs, you cannot help but feel like you’re located in your grandmother’s country house enjoying the early morning sunshine. The Floral wallpaper and photos enhance the rustic vibe.

Browsing through the Brunch menu was at first an overwhelming task. The homemade granola as well as blueberry pancakes both sounded delicious. While most opted for the fresh omelettes served on a skillet, I went for the Belgian waffles delicately topped with bananas and strawberries. Presentation is key because not only did my mouth water when they set my plate down but serving little mason jars of butter and maple syrup added an adorable touch.

Attracting an older and more professional crowd, most items on the menu range from 13 to 16 dollars. But money well spent not only in quality of food but quality of experience. So next time, you’re searching for quiet in loud New York City, look no further than your everyday brunch.


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