Friend of a Farmer

By: Hana Kwon

The bagel and the coffee to the common New Yorker have become what the agonizingly annoying Ray-Ban wayfarers and meticulously managed facial hair are to hipsters: a blind obsession with no taste. Of course the bagel and the coffee have its practicalities for the hardworking people of New York. But if you are either lazy or have some good money in your hands, and more crucially know how to appreciate a good solid, home-cooked, AND hearty breakfast, this joint on 77 Irving Place will forever be your go-to place. In fact, that’s an exaggeration.

With pinky floral walls everywhere, coupled with green-brown baskets dangling from the ceiling, Friend of a Farmer is the perfect opportunity for a real farmer’s breakfast. Located near Union Square and Gramercy, it is situated in Irving Place, where you won’t be tussled with bad-tempered, loud, power-walking pedestrians. Some sit outside, thereby engaging in the multi-task of sun-bathing and nourishing; late-birds usually sit in the indoors, enjoying the homey interior.

Our class was situated on the second floor, where the room was adorned with homey candles, a vintage golden fan hanging from the ceiling matched with a golden picture frame with a cozy touch.

The menu is filled with classic American breakfast delights, ranging from pancakes to country omelets, propped by a choice of mixed fruits, and salad for the conscious folk, or for the sane, some good old home fries. I decided upon the “Friend of a Farmer Omelet” with mixed fruits on the side, the hopeless woman I am. The $13.00 dish, which consists of cheddar cheese, mushrooms and spinach, was served in a petite and cute fry pan with ketchup and jam in, again, petite and cute miniature glass jars on the side.

I must note the service was great. Waiters and waitresses were on their toes by our table, always ready to offer H2O-refills, making you feel powerful, rich and almost uncomfortable. The food, the very lifeline, the crux of any restaurants, however, was not as impressive as the service. I was quite disappointed with the omelet; it just didn’t deserve its price tag. If there was one single aspect of the meal that was pleasing, it was the fresh fruits, because it had my favorite fruit, strawberry.  Perhaps they were entertaining the fatally mistaken notion that needlessly generous service can make up for bad cooking.

Friend of a Farmer is a great place to turn to spend a quite morning with friends and family. Even though the food was not out of the ordinary, the restaurant decorated with beautiful furnishings and homey decorations gives you a perfect getaway from the busy streets of New York.


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