A Fortunate Find: The Merchant’s House Museum of New York City

By Jennifer LeeVan

NEW YORK CITY- On a pleasant spring morning, one might not immediately stop amidst the noisy construction and traffic to investigate 29 E. 4th street, The Merchant’s House Museum of New York City. Just off of Lafayette St., the late-federal style, red-brick row building, complete with dormer windows and a fanlight above the front door, is a historic site.

The Merchant’s House Museum is the last of its kind; it is New York City’s only 19th century home that has been preserved intact, both inside and out. Built in 1832, just steps from New York University’s Main Campus, the museum provides a gateway back to a time when maritime trade was the primary form of international commerce and New York City was first port in the nation.

The Merchant’s House Museum on a Beautiful Spring Morning

During an interview, Emily Wright, the Communications and Programs Manager at the Museum affirmed that,

“It really is a unique space in the city, there is no other house preserved to this extent.”

The house offers many educational programs for both adults and children in addition to Candlelight Ghost Tours, and various events throughout the year. It’s a great place to visit, whether you are a tourist, historian, or an adventurous student.


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