Visiting a Local Favorite: The Smith

by Marissa Kam

The Smith embodies the classic nostalgia of 1920’s New York. This East Village Restaurant on Third Avenue attracts passersby with its dimly lit interior and contrasting decor of white-tiled walls and wood-paneled columns. The classy, yet comfortable American Brasserie welcomes customers with its alluring presence. If that’s not convincing enough, then take a look at  herds of people that spend their evenings and weekends at this popular location.

Vanilla Bean French Toast

But on a Monday morning, The Smith is quiet with only a handful of customers already enjoying their breakfasts. The Black Keys plays in the background as a waitress hands menus around.

Their menu presents familiar dishes like eggs benedict and pancakes. But it’s the entrees like BLT+E sandwich and vanilla bean french toast that stand out. After mulling over the choices, I decided it was a french toast kind of day. Don’t hesitate either to order a side of their cheddar biscuit or home fries.

Four thick slices of toast are soaked in cream, topped with maple butter and caramelized bananas. Together it’s the perfect combination of sweetness that I had to savor for the rest of the day. (I had to take home my leftovers.) While the french toast satisfied my appetite, I could not stop munching on a cheddar biscuit.

Before your visit at the Smith ends, be sure to explore downstairs and snap a few shots in the photobooth.

The Smith
55 Third Avenue


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