The Smith, an East Village Hot Spot


By, Corina Cappabianca

The Smith located at 55 Third Avenue has become a hot spot among the residents of New York City’s East Village. The restaurant has a clean, crisp, and classic “All-American” feel to it with a wooden ceiling and tables contrasted with a white tile floor pattern.

The space is truly transformational. When the weather is nice, The Smith’s glass windows are pulled all the way back so that the restaurant is wide open and customers can eat outside as well. Breakfast and brunch time at The Smith are casual, and easy going. The café like atmosphere is relaxing with the sound of soft rock music in the background. Yet, walking past The Smith after dark, it resembles a loud and trendy nightclub.

Known primarily for its tasty breakfast and brunch menus, customers can order dishes such as the sweet Vanilla Bean French Toast with maple butter and caramelized bananas, or the Classic Eggs Benedict served with home fries, both under $10 for breakfast. A favorite Smith breakfast staple is the large and savory Cheddar Biscuit. In addition to the free carbonated and non-carbonated water bottles placed on every table, fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice is available for purchase.

However, The Smith’s lunch and dinner menus include appetizing dishes as well. The restaurant serves everything from Ricotta Gnocchi to Grilled Chicken Paillard.

Overall, The Smith is a decent place to eat or socialize with friends regardless of the time of day. And, there is something on the menu for everyone.

The Smith also has a location in Midtown at 956 Second Avenue and will be opening a restaurant in Lincoln Center at 1900 Broadway as well. 

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