The Smith: There is More to See Than to Taste

By Melissa HernandezImage

The Smith: There is More to See Than to Taste

 When walking inside The Smith, a very busy-looking restaurant on Third Avenue between 10th and 11th Street, it almost feels like going a few decades into the past. The wooden floor, the black and white pictures on top of the walls and the color pattern give this restaurant an evocative feeling.

On a Monday morning when the restaurant wasn’t crowded, guests were kindly helped as they crossed the door, seated and offered coffee, tap or sparkling water.  The waitress looked pleased to help and handed the black and white menu to the costumers.

She also brought cheddar biscuits, which were the highlight of the breakfast. The subtle cheese and butter flavors, the soft texture and the perfect temperature gave these biscuits a real homemade taste, unique and satisfying.

The menu included eggs, griddle and healthy options. Yet, there were not many choices; the difference between one plate and the others was little.  The scrambled eggs with apple smoked bacon and the home fries for $9 were good overall. However, the eggs weren’t hot and the potatoes, although very tasty, were greasy.

While the cheddar biscuits were on the house, they overcharged for their natural orange juice -$3- served in a small cup.  The cutlery wasn’t very clean; the fork had a soap spot that had to be cleaned with a napkin.

The Smith has a very particular style and offers a great visual experience. Yet, the food although innovative, wasn’t so good in texture.  The restaurant has a photo booth that complements its interesting style in the lower floor. It could be described as a must see in terms of appearance.  However, if you are looking for food quality it will be good to look somewhere else.




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