Most Wanted by FBI for Possessing and Producing Child Pornography

By Jessica Lam


The FBI added an alleged child pornography possessor and producer to its 10 Most Wanted in April. This former elementary teacher, Eric Justin Toth, is the only fugitive charged with this crime to be on the list. Other dangerous criminals once on the list included terrorist, Osama Bin Laden and crime boss, Whitey Bulger. With a crime so different than other Most Wanted fugitives, some members of the public wondered why Toth was picked to be on the list.

There were images found on a camera at the elementary school in DC by a staff member. After it was known that Toth last used the camera, Toth left the state quickly. The FBI is most worried that he is currently working with kids. He has no prior criminal record.

Details of the complaint and charge against him are not public under concern for the individuals involved. However, Jacqueline Maguire, FBI spokesperson, said, “There is more than one victim… in photo and video.”  While ages were not disclosed, Toth was known to be working with third graders, and had a valid teaching license.

Police believe Toth is especially dangerous because he is very good at getting close to parents and other people. Because of this, victimized children may not want to speak up about him to their parents. In addition to teaching, Toth also posed as male nannies and private tutors on online sites, like Craigslist.

Child pornography falls under cyber crimes because of its nature of being traded via the internet. Cyber crimes are now one on the top 5 priorities of the FBI. Toth seems to be able to get information about himself quick and leave his area quickly as he was last seen in Arizona. He is also able to disguise himself in different situations, once posing as a homeless man.

There is a reward for anyone who has any information to lead to Toth’s arrest. Maguire said, “We need the public’s help.”

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May 2, 2012 · 8:59 am

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