The FBI’s Most Wanted Adds a New Member

By Natalia Lehaf

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently released word on a new most dangerous man in America. His name is Eric Toth and he is the fourth criminal added to the America’s Top Ten Most Wanted list for child exploitation.

Toth is charged with a criminal complaint of possessing child pornography in the District of Columbia. He is also charged for producing child pornography. He taught a third grade class at the National Cathedral’s Beauvoir private school in Washington, D.C. before he was added to the list. He was very charming and well-liked by members of the community. One of his strengths, which the FBI fears, is his ability to gain other’s trust, especially parents’ trust.

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Toth was initially caught by a co-worker at the school in June 2008. A student needed help using the camera that was last in Toth’s possession and another teacher helped him turn it on only to discover Toth’s misdeeds. Videos and pictures of pre-pubescent children were found on the camera. Toth was immediately escorted out of the school and he instantly packed up his belongings and fled home to his family in Indiana. Toth has been on the run since.

While Toth did not have a valid passport on him in 2008,  FBI Spokesperson Jacqueline Maguire states that “it is still possible that he could have gotten out of the country.” Toth has last been recognized in 2009 at a homeless shelter in Phoenix where he went by as “David.”

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 if the public has any tips that can help them gain custody of Toth. He is incredibly dangerous because not only does he present a trustworthy aura, but according to CBSNews “he has the ability to integrate into various socio-economic classes, and is an expert at social engineering.” Toth is capable of deceptively promoting himself as a male nanny or tutor online.

Due to his danger to the public, Toth was added to the list in order to spread awareness of his surreptitious intentions. The FBI also depends on the public for help in capturing the members of the Most Wanted List. Maguire states there is “almost a 95% success rate” due to the List. Of 465 captures, 153 have been due to public assistance. Maguire states that “it is hard to predict” what will come of Toth’s case but the FBI is “doing everything they can to get the word out.”


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