FBI Adds Alleged Producer and Possessor of Child Pornography to Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List

By Jennifer LeeVan

Photos of Thoth Provided by the FBI

Photos of Thoth Provided by the FBI

This month the FBI added Eric Justin Toth, an elementary school teacher accused of producing and possessing child pornography, to their list of the “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.”

The FBI’s flyer on Toth indicates that in June 2008, Toth was fired from his job at a private elementary school in Washington, DC when another teacher came across a school’s camera, in Toth’s possession, that had pornographic photographs of children on it. Later, it became evident that Toth had been uploading these photographs to the internet. In recent years, child pornography has become rampant on the internet and pedophiles like Toth have given the FBI cause to bolster their cyber-crime division. 

The FBI is sending a message by adding Toth to the Ten Most Wanted List that cyber crime is not going to be dealt with lightly, “Looking over time, as society has changed, as our culture has changed, so has the FBI’s priorities and the type of work that we do… and now we’re looking at cyber-crime” says FBI Spokesperson Jacqueline Maguire.

Toth, a man that the FBI warns, “should be considered dangerous,” fled DC once the images were found, “He almost immediately got into his car and went west,” says Maguire.  The FBI attributes his dangerous nature to his intellect, his knowledge regarding computers, and his ability to easily gain other’s trust. “Toth has the ability,” the FBI website informs the public, “to integrate into various socio-economic classes, and is an expert at social engineering. He possesses an educational background conducive to gaining employment in fields having a connection to children.” Toth attended Cornell for a year and then transferred to Perdue University, graduating with a degree in education. The FBI believes that Toth is a potential danger to the public and that the added publicity from the to Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List will help aid them in his arrest.

The FBI is offering compensation up to $100,000 for, “information leading directly to the arrest” of the 6’3,” 30-year-old, Eric Toth.


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