FBI Adds New Name to the Most Wanted List



By Melissa Hernandez

The FBI announced Eric Justin Toth as their new addition to the most wanted list for allegedly possessing and producing child pornography.

Toth, a private school teacher, was incriminated in June of 2008 when one of his colleagues found images and videos of child pornography in a school camera that had been on his possession.

The school teacher, who attended Cornell and Purdue University was described by Jacqueline Maguire, FBI spokes person, as a social engineer, meaning that because of his educational background he can easily win the parents’ trust, using this factor on his advantage to get to children.

Maguire added that “there have been a lot of questions regarding the empty spot that he is filling on the list” especially after the killing of Osama bin Laden.   Yet, the criteria to place individuals on the most wanted list are clear and require the alleged criminals to fulfill two main requirements.  First, the individual has to be known to be a danger to the public. Second, the added publicity to the case is expected to be beneficial to the case.

“Toth is not a terrorist, he didn’t murder anyone but we feel he is dangerous. And the biggest concern is that he is working with students somewhere because that is his experience, his education, his background. It’s all geared towards working with students” said Maguire.

Due to the changes in technology the FBI has adapted to prosecute criminals that use the same technology as a tool to commit cyber- crimes, any criminal violation using computer lines.

“Looking over time as society has changed and their culture has changed, so has the FBI priorities and the type of work that we do” said Maguire.

According to the FBI spokes person the most wanted list has had approximately 95% of success; with 495 individuals added to the list, 465 “have been apprehended and located” and of those 465, 153 have been captured with the help of the public.

Maguire added that the FBI is now also trying to “saturate media” with Toth’s information and pictures so that “there is not only law enforcement eyes looking for this person but there is the eyes of all the public keeping an eye on,  and kind of thinking whether they have seen this person or not.” 


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