FBI names newest member to Top 10 Most Wanted list

By Amy Zhang


The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced the newest addition to its Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives to raise chances that a man accused of possessing and producing child pornography will be located.

Thirty year-old Eric Toth has been on the run since June of 2008. While working as a third grade teacher at the National Cathedral’s Beauvoir school in Washington D.C., another teacher reportedly discovered pornographic images of several students on school equipment belonging to Toth. 

School officials immediately escorted Toth off campus, but he disappeared before police could apprehend him. It was later revealed that Toth had uploaded many of these photos to the Internet.

According to FBI spokesperson Jacqueline Maguire, Toth’s credible background as a tutor and teacher who specializes in child education allows him to manipulate parents of young children.

“Toth is not a terrorist; he didn’t murder anyone. But we feel he is dangerous. And the biggest concern is that he is working with students somewhere because that is his experience, his education, his background,” said Maguire. “He can easily win the parents’ trust, using this factor to his advantage to get to children.”

Toth has also worked as an elementary school teacher and camp counselor. He is labeled by the FBI as a computer expert and has worked under the alias David Bussone to advertise as a tutor or nanny.

According to Maguire, though the FBI have been unable to locate Toth for the past three years, he is unlikely to stay clean.

“The biggest concern is that he’s working with students somewhere,” said Maguire. “Guys like this, There’s no on, off switch that he’s going to stop having the desire he does with young children.”

Toth filled one of two spots  vacated by the death of Osama Bin Laden and the arrest of Whitey Bulger last year. Recently, the number of incidents relating to child pornography have risen, prompting the FBI to reinforce security measures battling cyber-crime and internet threats, according to Maguire.

But according to Maguire, criminals chosen to enter the FBI’s most notorious list must follow two important guidelines.

“One, the individual is known to be a danger to the public,” Maguire said. “Second, the FBI feels that the added publicity would be beneficial to the case.

The percentage of those captured or killed after being placed on the list is very high, 95 percent according to Maguire. By partnering their search with an extensive use of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, television coverage and the publicity of the list, the Maguire says that the FBI has high hopes that the “eyes of all the public” will help bring about Toth’s capture.

Toth is 6 feet, 3 inches tall, weighs around 155 pounds, and has brown hair and green eyes. The FBI is currently offering $100,000 for any information leading to Toth’s arrest. 


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