Learning to break free from addiction: A day without technology

Julie DeVito


A photo of the Hudson River Park, taken during a similar study session

*will use phone only for time since I don’t own a watch or wall clock, sad? *

Sunday, October 13, 2012

12:00AM: In the middle of an episode of Law and Order SVU and I have to stop.  Finally a chance to read my book!

1:00AM: Getting ready for bed and I go to text my friend Jonathon goodnight. I realize I can’t. I hope he doesn’t worry.

9:00AM: My phone buzzes with new Facebook notifications from my friend studying abroad in London. He’s been wanting to Skype. I wish I could talk to him.

10:00AM: I wake up and realize I’m almost going to be late for brunch since I couldn’t use my alarm. I turn to text my friends to say I might be late.  I can’t.

10:45AM: I’m out the door walking/half running to brunch when I plug in my headphones to listen to music as I always do while I’m walking. I realize that it’s going to be a very quiet walk. I check my time on my phone (the only thing allowed). I see four missed texts and a few Facebook notifications. I try to ignore the burning instinct to find out what I’m missing.

11:00 AM: I make it to brunch on time and meet up with my friends. It’s my first time at Brunch and I want to send my friend a photo of the chocolate fountain, when I stop myself and realize I’ll have to just tell her about it later.

12PM: I settle down by the Hudson River to work on some homework and realize I can’t play music on Pandora…or check my e-mail to see if my professor has e-mailed me back about an assignment. I need to work on a take home midterm so I decide to take some hand notes from the book.

1:00PM: I decided to take a break from my midterm and took the time to finally write the handwritten letter that I’d promised to send to my best friend back home.

1:29PM: Ten new texts. Fifteen new e-mails. Three tweets. Two calls.

2:00PM: I walked back to my dorm in silence, watching the world go by. Back at my dorm I consider taking a nap but fear I won’t be able to wake up in time without my alarm, so I stay awake and read my Python textbook. I keep wishing I could use my computer to see if I understand the programs I’m learning.

3:15PM:  33 texts. 25 e-mails. Five tweets. Four calls. I hope everything is okay…

4:00PM: My paranoia starts to grow that there is something I need to attend to on Facebook, e-mail, or my phone. I consider sending a carrier pigeon to see if my friend wants to grab dinner later.

5:30PM: I decide to cook some pasta. While I’m cooking and when I eat, I sometimes watch a show on my laptop. It’s really weird not doing so. I continue reading my book instead, terrified I’m going to get pasta sauce on it.

7:00PM: I remember that my favorite show comes on at eight and I won’t be able to watch it without using technology.  I guess I’ll watch it on Hulu tomorrow…

8:00PM: 40 texts. 30 e-mails. Seven tweets. Five calls. What if someone died?

10:00PM: Tired, I decide to go to bed early for once without the distractions of the internet, even though I can’t stand not knowing what’s happening.

12:00AM: I woke up and was wide-awake. After finally checking all of my e-mail and texts, I decided to type this up. Next up is an episode of my favorite show.

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