Technology Proves to be My Kryptonite

Activities for the day included reading a leisurely book and having the reassurance that my cell phone was nearby.

By Stephanie Altunis

A day without the use of technology for me was like asking to tie my hands behind my back while: stressful, uncomfortable and inconvenient. I did not like the idea of it and just the thought made me feel trapped in a small room without air; claustrophobic.

I realize that everything I do consists of technology. From blow-drying my hair in the morning to as simple as clutching my cell phone in my hand on my walk to class, I surround myself with technology. And without it, I really did not think I was going to make it.

And I didn’t. I gave in all too quickly. This may say much about my personality. I am reliant, stubborn and, quite frankly, spoiled. But how can I blame myself when technology has become the way we dictate our everyday lives?

Granted, not all societies of this world are as heavily dependent on an iPhone or Macbook Pro like the one in which I live in. I’m just lucky to keep up with these demands.

My day without technology was a day of desolation. I had overslept because I purposely did not set my alarm clock the previous night. This not only delayed my day, but it also made me miss breakfast, which would have consisted of a microwaveable oatmeal cookie.

I questioned whether or not using the microwave would break the rules. This made me question: what exactly is considered technology? The ones that come to mind are obvious – a cell phone, a television, a laptop, a car, etc – but is a refrigerator, a microwave, an oven or a stove considered technology as well?

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines technology as “a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge.” According to this, household appliances are indeed considered to be technology. In that case, this assignment would prove to be much more difficult than I had imagined.

Daily activities were limited. Homework is predominantly done on my laptop. I could not occupy myself at the gym because the equipment, such as a treadmill or elliptical, would fall under the category. And because I only had my debit card, I could not buy lunch because a transaction, according to the dictionary definition, is a technological process.

Everything incorporates some aspects of technology, proving that my day without it would be difficult. I spent most of my afternoon in Washington Square Park, reading a novel I had been meaning to finish but have not had the time for. For a few hours, this assignment was beneficial in that sense but after a while, quite frankly, rather boring.

I could not help but give in. I’m the kind of person who has my cell phone super glued to my hand. As pathetic as it may be, not being able to use it was torturous.

It’s unfortunate that our culture is heavily influenced by technology. But in a generation that grew older in conjunction with the innovations of the Internet, we can’t help our reliance.

Older generations, too, are keeping up with the times. In the park, I noticed men in suits with headphones in their ears, families taking photos, and mothers multitask pushing their baby strollers and talking on their cell phones. Even my grandmother, who has a Facebook, owns a Smartphone.

While some may have found a day without technology to be peaceful and clarifying, my day taught me that if you have it, use it. Why push away something that makes our lives easier?


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