Starbucks: Following the U.S leader in coffee sales

Julie DeVito


A pastry and cup of coffee from a Starbucks cafe.

Walking down a city street, it’s likely that you’ll see that familiar green mermaid and smell fresh brewed coffee coming from multiple Starbucks Stores. The store, which was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington sells regular and decaffeinated coffee drinks, cold blended beverages, and sandwiches, pastries, oatmeal, and tea. Since it’s beginning it has expanded merchandise to include ice-cream and more variety of food and drinks. 

Starbucks went public in June of 1992 at the stock price of $17 per share. They have since increased to 45.87 per share (as of Sunday, October 28, 2012).  Starbucks has 6,705 company operated stores in the US and 4,082 licensed stores. They also have 2,326 company operated stores in Canada, the U.K, Germany, and Thailand and 3,890 licensed stores.

This is related to my beat since they are a coffee business and my Big Dig is investigating the Fair-Trade coffee business.

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