Target Corp., Holiday Shopping Season is Near

By: Sugee Kim

Target Corporation (TGT), founded in 1902, is a component of the U.S. Retail Segment and has 1,763 stores across the States. The company sells grocery, home, apparel, pharmaceutical and technology merchandise at discounted prices both online and in their stores. Competitors such as Walmart and K-mart offer similar prices and numerous store locations, but what makes Target stand out? 

Target offers customers a chance to apply for a Target Visa credit card and the Target REDcard, issued through Target National Bank for personal and business use. The card offers “cash back” incentives, small percentage discounts per item, and have their savings directly donated to Target’s charity, “Take Charge of Education” program.

The red bulls-eye target trademark logo is owned by Wesfarmers, unrelated to Target Corporation. Still, in America the logo is widely recognized. From its own in-store brand to credit cards,  the Target shopping experience is “meant to stimulate a mall-shopping experience”, according to Executive Vice President of Human Resources Jodeen A. Kozlak – an all-inclusive shopping trip.

This American company is the second-largest discount retailer, falling behind Walmart. A considerable portion of Target’s annual revenue comes from its owned and exclusive brands. It also generates revenue from in-store amenities such as Target Café, Target Pharmacy, Target Optical and Target Clinic.

TGT falls below related companies such as Amazon Savings, Inc., Gordman Stores, Walmart de Mexico, and Family Dollar, and above Costco and PriceSmart. It’s current price per stock is $62.42, with a change of +0.33, a percentile change of 0.53%.

With Black Friday, the holidays and New Year sales coming up, discount retails are looking to make the most of the holiday shopping spirit by offering store rebate, gift cards, and Black Friday deals. Target has already announced its extra early Black Friday hours, 9 p.m. Thanksgiving Day.


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