Estée Lauder Companies Inc. Makes Room for New Global Leadership

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Counter in Bloomingdales

By Stephanie Altunis

Estée Lauder Companies Inc.’s Executive Chairman William P. Lauder, 52, and President and Chief Executive Officer Fabrizio Freda, 55, announced on Thursday, November 15 in New York a new “strategic organization evolution” for the Company. This new decision in leadership and organization reflects the global growth and demand of the Company, as well as hopes to strengthen its brand focus for new worldwide opportunities.

In the company statements, Lauder attributed the Company’s growth to its already outstanding management. “We owe the success of our Company to our great leaders and people,” said Lauder.

The evolution, which will be effective January 1, 2013, will include further increase in leadership with an expansion in the number of Group Presidents, adding two new senior positions. It was announced that Thia Breen has been named the Group President of North America, where she will oversee U.S. and Canadian retail partnerships. Lynne Greene was also named as a Group President, and will be overseeing the global brand expansions of Clinique, Origins and Ojon, as well as the additions of Aveda and Darphin.

“The redesign we are announcing today expands the roles of several of our most senior executives and positions our Company for sustained profitable growth. I am confident that given their new responsibilities, this team will continue to deliver superior results, further inspiring and motivating our dynamic culture,” stated Lauder.

The Company has proven to be successful in the fiscal year of 2012. In the previous week, on Friday, November 9, Lauder and Freda chaired their annual stockholder’s meeting in New York to discuss the financial results of the year and the quarter progress.

The company compared their progress to the previous fiscal 2011 year, concluding a +10% increase in net sales, +21% in net earnings, and +23% in earnings per share. According to the Company, this success is a result of the increase in their global market share, and new opportunities in Asia and South America.

Estée Lauder Companies Inc.’s personal brand, Estée Lauder proved to be the number one prestige beauty company in the emerging Chinese market, while Mac proved to be the number one makeup brand in Brazil.

Lauder and Freda reinstated their Company’s ideals on being the best international cosmetic conglomerate. They emphasized the need to have “the most creative and innovative people” on their team, as well as “unique and high performance products with long term appeal and enduring quality.”

Estée Lauder Companies Inc. includes an array of beauty products and brands in the makeup, skin and hair market. These include Smashbox, Jo Malone, Bumble and Bumble, and Bobbi Brown. The Company works closely with each brand to uphold success and profit, while also keeping the brands’ individuality, by maintaining a predominantly in-house creative and development team.

Makeup consultant, Cassie Suarez, 28 works at the Bobbi Brown counter in New York City’s SoHo Bloomingdales location. She emphasizes the brand’s ability to stand out as it’s own premiere makeup company, while the CEO and founder, Bobbi Brown, works closely with both her team and the Company.

“Bobbi Brown still has a big presence in her brand and with what she wants in her products development,” said Suarez.

This relationship between brand and Company allows for diversified products within a single conglomerate, touching all aspects of cosmetic industry. As 2013 approaches, Estée Lauder Company Inc. is looking forward to another successful fiscal year with the help of its new leadership positions, global growth expansion and future brand expansion.

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