Peels: Farmer Style Breakfast

Classic table at Peels.

Classic table at Peels.

By Clara Yang

Walking into Peels for the very first time, I found myself warmly greeted by the host.  Perhaps I was just glad to be in the building because it was icy cold outside at 325 Bowery.  Perhaps I was just excited for my first meal of the day.  Perhaps it was the cozy lighting and the amiable interior of modern farmer style.  Whichever one it was, I felt cordially welcomed at Peels.

I was led upstairs, where the reserved table was prepared beforehand.  With a curious mind, I looked around and found myself surrounded by even more contemporary interior designs of farmer styling.  Maybe it’s Southern American or maybe it’s French.  Either way, the place was lively with a bar full of wine and cocktail, including its award-winning Bloody Mary (according to the menu).

Already been here for two years, Peels knew what people liked at its place.  Peels, which doesn’t mean anything according to the server Christy, is quite famous due to its popular breakfast dishes Farmer’s Breakfast and Build-A-Biscuit.  Decided to trust the trending dish, I ordered Build-A-Biscuit with an orange juice.  The juice, served in a surprisingly small-sized cup, was probably the biggest disappointment of the day.  Fresh and delight, it was good but only as good as any other orange juices offered with better price and better size.

When my plate arrived at the table, it looked delicious.  The biscuit looked crispy and eggs were bountiful.  The plate was overall adequate and quite satisfactory in its art.  The bacon was thick and not salty to my surprise, ending up as my favorite of the plate.  Most bacons are thin and very crispy, but this one was quite savory and chewy.  The biscuit was crispy but blend with no flavor whatsoever.  Was it better than the one from KFC?  Perhaps.  It’s probably healthier for you.  The eggs were peppered and seasoned so the overall flavor of the plate was well balanced out.

All in all, the food was fair with reasonable price, except for a small disappointment with the orange juice.  The place was well-decorated and provided enjoyable atmosphere for all ages.  The service was nice and genial too, but I just couldn’t help myself wonder what the dinner menu was instead.


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