A Day Sans Technology

foto (3)By Katie Ambrosini

My day sans technology didn’t start off too well…

I turned off my phone the night before (aka my alarm clock). Therefore the only thing that I had to wake me up the next morning was the bright afternoon sun and my boyfriend’s (Anthony’s) snoring. It was nearly 1 o’clock when I slowly peeled opened my eyes. And I felt like the most useless human being.

I figured I wouldn’t be using my phone that much anyway since Anthony was with me and he’s the only person I usually text. I should not have assumed this.

I forgot that my phone is also my map, my mini bank, my email, my facebook, my twitter. All things  which I check multiple times throughout the day. I have to admit, having Anthony around made it a lot easier. Usually when I’m alone I’m more inclined to check my phone and all other modes of communications.

In order to get into a more zen state of mind, I went to afternoon yoga class and dragged Anthony along too. It helped clear my head, and for an hour I had no reason to check my phone.

Problems started occurring when I tried to buy a coffee from a Seven Eleven and my card got declined. I wasn’t surprised since I’m usually running low on funds. Usually this is a fairly fixable problem with online or mobile banking. I went moneyless for the rest of the day in addition to being isolated from the whole entire world. I survived with the help of Anthony. He bought me a coffee.

By 4 o’clock I just realllyy wanted to watch TV. So bad. It was a struggle. Me and Anthony decided to take a walk to the river instead and watch the sunset. Besides it being cold, the connection with nature can be somewhat soothing. I did really want to take a picture….but you know, I didn’t have a phone.

I kept thinking how awful this day would have been if Anthony had not been there. Seriously. If he wasn’t there I would have just sat in my apartment. By myself.

The night went pretty smoothly. The two of us got dinner, and since Anthony had a phone, he was able to get in touch with some his friends who we met up with.

In retrospect, the day wasn’t that bad. When I did check my email the next day my dad had emailed me asking why my phone was off (I forgot to tell him. Oops.). In a way, I feel like I sort of cheated since Anthony was around. I feel like it should have been a lot harder than it was. The beginning was kind of rough, not gonna lie. But besides a few bumps in the road, it was fine.


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March 3, 2013 · 10:04 am

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