A Rustic Breakfast at Peels

By Lara Tabbara.


Convivial and cosy, Peels offers comforting, rustic food.

Arriving at Peels was like setting foot into a warm Southern refuge away from the hustle, bustle and rain. The bright sign stood out in the New York’s misty air. The smiling host warmly greeted me as I walked through the white doors of the restaurant at 325 Bowery.

As soon as I met with my group, we were taken upstairs and seated along a lengthy table. A grinning young waitress handed out menus. The food selections were fruitfully diverse in the concept of a farmer style breakfast.

Peels, which has been open two years, is spacious and has a homey, convivial atmosphere. From the high, ornate ceiling, hang multiple umbrella- like chandeliers, creating an intimate feel to the room.

After reviewing the menu, I opted for a simple breakfast. I ordered the Peels muffin along with a small café Latte. According to the waitress, the breakfast special is the Farmer’s Breakfast, which consists of hearty foods such as fried eggs, smoked bacon and hash browns. The“Build-a-Biscuit,” is also a one of Peels’ popular concepts. The idea behind it is that the customer may combine several elements, such as scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon, and create a personalized breakfast biscuit.

My order arrived promptly. The scents of the coffee and the breakfast muffin were mouthwatering. The coffee was well presented, in a small cup filled with light and sweet content.

The pastry came on a small white, porcelain plate. It was coated with a thin layer of brown sugar and fine pieces of rosemary. The surface of the muffin was hardened but this was compensated with the tender interior. The aroma of the muffin was diversely seasoned. The waitress had said that its taste reminded her of “thanksgiving stuffing,” as it was a juxtaposition of sweet and salty elements, making it festive and savory. The zesty remain stimulated my taste buds as I finished the unconventionally tasting baked good.


Peels Muffin and a Latte.

When the bill came, I was pleasantly surprised. The prices were reasonable for the quality of the food and service. My breakfast total was seven dollars,  a both affordable and agreeable experience.

If you ever happen to find yourself in need of a provincial escape, Peels is a recommended exit, welcoming you home.


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