A Southerner-at-Heart’s New Favorite Brunch Place: Review of Peel’s



By: Komal Patel

When I came to Peel’s for class, I figured I would just be enjoying a regular, nothing special brunch—little did I know that I’d find a new home away from home.

Stepping into Peel’s, located on the corner of 2nd Street on Bowery, felt like walking into the home of a friend back in Georgia whose mother prided herself, with reason, on her southern cooking and interior decorating skills—it had a very welcoming, country chic atmosphere. The white, gray, and green color scheme was reminiscent of a fresh, quaint farmhouse, and the water served in tall glass bottles made the place even homier.

The breakfast menu was a bit on the smaller side, but boasted of a good variety of options for both herbivores and omnivores. The farmer’s breakfast and build-a-biscuit were the two hottest sellers, according to our waitress, Christy. She mentioned that the biscuits had been featured on Martha Stewart, as well. However, as southern as it seemed, it did have its limitations; grits, a southern food staple, was not offered on the menu.

The food looked divine, and it smelled even better. I had ordered a plate of flapjacks, which turned out to be two, large pancakes with a dollop of butter on top. They weren’t like pancakes I’ve ever tasted before—and I don’t know how I’ll be able to eat any other kind after Peel’s. They were super sweet, fluffy, and filling. I could only finish half the plate. The maple syrup that accompanied the pancakes gave it a unique taste that reminded me of snicker-doodle flavor, which was amazing, and added to the distinctively deliciousness of the pancakes.

The waiters and waitresses exuded of Southern hospitality as well. They were extremely friendly and courteous, answering all of our questions promptly and with enthusiasm. This great service definitely added to the restaurant’s comfortable atmosphere.

Along with Peel’s lack of grits, the only other downside I saw to the experience was that the food is slightly on the pricier side. It is probably not the best bargain in the city, but at the same time, the breakfast isn’t so pricy that I would only come here once every so often. Now that I know about Peel’s southern charms and wonderful brunch, I will definitely frequent it more often.


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