Peels: Good Vibes and Biscuits in the East Village

Image By Katie Ambrosini

I opened the doors to Peels around 9 in the morning after sloshing through the pouring rain. Despite my frizzy hair and disheveled appearance, I was greeted with the most sincere “good morning” from the hostess. I experienced fabulous customer service from my entrance to my departure. 

The restaurant is fashioned in a french country decor, with painted white copper ceilings, wooden cutting-board-like tables and rustic chairs. Large chandeliers gave the restaurant a country- formal vibe. If it was not raining, the morning sun would have flooded through the restaurant’s floor to ceiling windows.

As I looked over the menu, I was dismayed to see that the prices weren’t budget friendly for college students. I opted for a healthy and cheaper option, a bowl of hot and hearty oatmeal. The two most popular breakfast items however, are the “Build-a-biscuit” and the “Farmer’s Breakfast” With the biscuit, you can choose add-ons such as gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, or avocado. Each add-on is around $3.00 extra. The menu also featured donuts and muffins, as well as a variety of caffeinated drinks and morning cocktails. It wasn’t the most expansive breakfast menu I’ve seen, so you’re options are limited.

Located on the corner of 2nd and Bowery, Peels has been open for a little over two years and is quite a popular spot. For an early Monday morning the restaurant had more diners than I anticipated. The music and additional diners added to the atmosphere and the noise was not too overwhelming so you could easily carry out a conversation.

Unfortunately, what I most feared would happen, happened. My oatmeal was luke warm. It was still filling, and the raisins and brown sugar gave it the perfect amount of sweetness. However, it wasn’t anything spectacular, and it definitely was not worth $9.

I wish I ordered the biscuit. I took a few bites of my friend’s and it was perfectly soft and flakey. It reminded me of the biscuits back home in Virginia. The scrambled eggs were moist and peppery, adding great texture and flavor to the biscuit.

Overall, if you’re looking for great atmosphere, a delicious biscuit and you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, Peels is the place to go. Just keep in mind that the menu isn’t good if you like a lot of options for breakfast.

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