Peels NYC

By Nicole Gartside

It’s hard to feel homey in a city as modern at New York. Yet everything from the dense, salty gravy to the cushy booths of Peels makes this little restaurant feel like home. The restaurant, famous for their biscuits, has been open for a little over two years. Peels incorporates somewhat of a vintage feel into the restaurant’s atmosphere, giving it a refreshingly simple atmosphere that makes customers feel right at home. This restaurant makes a visible effort to welcome people in and make them feel comfortable.

The table is set with jugs for glasses and sugar cubes instead of packets. Though the selection of breakfast items is somewhat limited, the dishes they do have seem to hold the menu on their own. They put an immense effort into even the most basic of dishes, like coffee and oatmeal. The more intricate dishes like omelets and gravy are hearty filling. It’s actually pretty difficult to find a bad tasting item on the menu.

ImageBut what keeps the customers coming back appears to be the biscuits. Peels offers their signature biscuit with an array of toppings you may never have thought to put on a biscuit, with everything from cheese and bacon to avocado and lettuce. Sabrina Treitz, sophomore at NYU, sais, “The biscuit was so soft. It kind of melted in my mouth and crumbled apart. Mackenzie Cash, also a sophomore at NYU and self-proclaimed “biscuit expert” agreed with Sabrina’s opinion. “The true test of a biscuit is if the bottom is crumbly,” she said. “They passed.” Though possibly a bit dry, complimented by the flavorful topics, the biscuit, and the restaurant itself, was certainly a delicious breakfast treat.


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